TOP 100+ Best Easy Mehndi Designs 2022

Best Easy Mehndi Designs : Easy and simple designs always work for people who are fond of mehndi but do not like to fill full hands with minute detailing. They always win the hearts of many with its color and texture, and to celebrate the small festivals these designs are the best to choose which are always simple yet attractive. These designs are so simple that even you can try on your hand and do not need an expert to do it for you.

Best Easy Mehndi Designs

Mehndi Designs For Hand

  • Simple Wrist And Finger Designs :

This is the simplest of all designs and looks elegant too on the hands. It takes only a few minutes and you are all set for the party or occasion. The design can start from the wrist keeping the entire palm empty and then fill the fingers, or you can just combine a rectangular and square look as if you are wearing a bracelet. It is the best for small ceremonies or festivals.

Simple wrist and finger designsSimple wrist and finger designsHand Mehndi Designs

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  • Flower And Leaf Pattern :

This henna pattern is for beginners who are learning to create designs. Start practicing with lines and circles like patterns and repeat them. Add a flower to it with leaves and petals, this will make you an expert very soon. Keep trying until you become a designer and can create a new design yourself. This looks simple and sober completing all the needs.

Flower And Leaf PatternFlower And Leaf PatternFlower And Leaf Pattern

  • Simple Design :

This is an easy design that is made using lines and dots which adds volume to the pattern and looks heavy on your hand. Complete the look with new nail art pattern and add some creativity by sticking stones at different places and of different colors.

Simple Design For MehndiSimple Design For MehndiSimple Design For Mehndi


  • Floral Pattern :

Floral patterns are very common designs and easy ones. Making flower and leaves are easy and just apt for the beginners. You can start from the wrist and go diagonal till the first finger and make it look as an Arabic mehndi pattern.

Pattern Mehndi hd imagesPattern Mehndi hd imagesPattern Mehndi hd images

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  • Simple Design For Feet :

Designs on foot are also common and easy to draw, not much but minimal work on the sides and circle like patterns with half peacock design would look beautiful, cover the foot and look heavy too.

Simple Design For Feet

Simple Design For Feet

Simple Design For Feet


  • The Circular Design :

 This mehndi design is made with the help of circles, dots, and lines. You start with a big dot in the middle or center of the hand and circle around it. Make curves around it and lines to connect them with each other. Dots to be added to look attractive. It is suitable for small functions and will not take more than 20 minutes to complete this design. Do not leave the fingers empty. Draw dots on fingers and make loops with the cone to make it look heavier and shade the tips of the fingers to give a complete look.

mehndi The Circular Designmehndi The Circular Designmehndi The Circular Design


  • Paisley Design :

No one will believe that you made this design. The hand’s design is started with a paisley and then given a peacock look by adding beak and eye to it one of the sides. The design is just perfect for Navratries and ring ceremonies.



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